Boozin' Bison

Shirt design for a friend's fundraiser in Buffalo...what used to be a 5K run/walk has now become "let's donate money and then sit around and drink for four hours". Nice.

LifeCycle Planning for Designers

So I have this client who tells me that in the last few years, all the people he went to school with have disappeared from the profession. He doesn't know where they go, just that there's an invisible wall for designers around the age of 45. Hmmm.

After Before: Pattern Set

Been working on a series of patterns involving beasts and their derivative products. It raises serious societal questions like how much more delicious does it make marshmallows for me now that i know they have pork in them?

Right here the cow is thinking "man I bet I'm delicious".

This one feels less successful because the negative space isn't very tight, but i like the super 2D gator.

I also found out that almost everything red in my supermarket is made from bugs: yogurt, ice cream, candy, cosmetics, fruity drinks, all made from cochineal beetles. Many of these items list "natural coloring derived from cochineal" amongst their ingredients; derived is another way of saying "smashed, dried, powdered, and blended up juicy".

While I enjoy a nice goose down parka, I recognize that the relationship is somewhat more troubled for the goose.

And then we printed some big sheets to use as wrapping paper...

Farmers Market

Submitted this to GOOD magazine's farmer's market contest. Basically just an illustrated version of my notes on visiting a few around Chicago, our normal market in Logan Square as well as Wicker Park, Evanston and downtown. Ended up on the honorable mentions, somewhere on the GOOD blog...